The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways shared the National Highway construction data for the current fiscal year as part of its monthly report (September 2022) to the Cabinet. The data revealed that overall National highway construction stood at 3,559 km in the current financial year (FY2023), down from 3,824 km constructed in the same period in 2021.

“The Ministry has constructed 3,559 km of National Highways up to September in 7027-23 as compared to 3,824 km constructed up to September in 2021-22. The award figure is 4,092 km during this period as compared to 4,609 km during this period in previous year,” the Ministry said in its monthly summary report.

Highway construction speed could pick up in the second half of the financial year. (Representational image)

This equates to a speed of about 19.5 km per day – down from the previous fiscal’s average of about 20.8 km in the same period. The ministry had constructed 10,457 km of National Highways in the last financial year averaging about 28.6 km per day. As with the last financial year, we can expect the speed of highway construction to pick up in the ensuing months.

The MoRTH reportedly has an official target of the construction of 12,000 km of National Highways in the current fiscal.

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