Last year, a Japanese startup AERWINS Technologies, revealed the Xturismo hoverbike at the Detroit Auto Show, explicitly developed for the US market. Despite a larger version being on sale in Japan, a particularly smaller, electric model was being developed for a market launch in 2025. And this has now caught the attention of Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra, who shared a viral video of the Xturismo hoverbike showcasing its aptitude at a test facility in Detroit, Michigan. 

Sharing the tweet, Anand Mahindra wrote, “A flying bike from a Japanese startup. It will cost around $800K in the US. I suspect it will be used mainly by police forces around the world; leading to some interesting new chase sequences in movies…”

The video on Twitter went viral and amassed over 7.4 million views. However, the inevitable comparisons to the speeder bikes of “Star Wars” caught our attention at the time. The Xturismo hoverbike can fly for 40 minutes, reaching up to 100 kmph. 

If you look at it, the appearance of the hoverbike is that of a drone with a seat and an additional steering handlebar. The XTurismo is equipped with two large propellers and an additional small propeller for the hoverbike, while the latter aids as a stabiliser. It weighs around 300 kg, with a payload of up to 100 kg. 

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