CNBC’s Sustainable Future Forum took place place on Friday, Nov. 4, from 10 a.m. London time.

The special live event took place ahead of the all-important COP27, or 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference. It was a dialogue between speakers and CNBC reporters about the most pressing questions on the energy crisis, the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war, and how governments and industries have responded to earlier goals. It focused on three crucial pillars: Regulation & Responsibility, Future Power, and Industry Response.

Watch the recap and check out the rundown below.

Sustainable Future Forum - Part 1: Regulation & Responsibility

Regulation & Responsibility

The time for radical action is now, but the corporate world often struggles to move beyond commitments and sustainability initiatives and affect real transformation. The challenge has been compounded by the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis. CNBC breaks down how these global events have impacted green policies and initiatives, and whether they have been disruptors or accelerators.

  • 10:00 Alice Hill, Senior Energy Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations, Former Special Assistant to President Obama
  • 10:03 Willie Walsh, Director General, IATA
  • 10:07 Sabrina Elba, Goodwill Ambassador, IFAD
  • 10:12 Achim Steiner, Administrator, United Nations Development Programme
Sustainable Future Forum - Part 2: Future Power

Future Power

There is a renewed sense of urgency as the world grapples with its transition to cleaner energy. The war in Ukraine and consequent energy crisis has pushed governments and businesses to seek alternatives to fossil fuels. Is this an opportunity to accelerate investment in clean energy? Or will compromises be struck in order to guarantee stable supplies?

  • 10:15 Arjan Meijer, CEO, Embraer Commercial Aircraft
  • 10:15 Pal Kildemo, CFO, Hydro
  • 10:15 Marta Martinez Queimadelos, CEO, Cero Generation
Sustainable Future Forum - Part 3: Industry response

Industry Response

As companies across the world promote their green credentials, it is imperative they are held accountable for the targets and promises they have set. Are their goals achievable and what are the consequences if targets are not met? How much have they adapted their net zero ambitions in light of higher energy prices?

  • 10:30 Tuuli-Anna Tiuttu, CEO and Co-Founder, SDG Monitor
  • 10:37 Dr Anish Shah, MD & CEO, Mahindra Group
  • 10:45 Thomas Schulz, CEO, Bilfinger
  • 10:45 Paul Keel , CEO, Smiths Group
  • 11:00 Livia Firth, Co-Founder, Creative Director, Eco-Age
  • 11:10 Nico Rosberg  CNBC ESG Council Member

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