German Tuner 4×4 is quite well known for its experiments with various models. The company’s recent creations like the caterpillar track specific Mercedes-Benz G500 and Rolls-Royce Cullinan Overlander reaped good attention online and now it has done something rather interesting with the Tesla Model Y. The Delta 4×4 designed Tesla Model Y has received 4×4 specific modifications including a 35 mm suspension lift, 60 mm widened track and fenders too flare to accommodate the 265/45R20 Continental Cross Contact ATR tires. The extra lift also adds 22 mm more to its ground clearance.

The Model Y 4×4 also gets a roof rack for holding gear like recovery boards, shovels, water canisters, a spare wheel, and storage cases. A light bar is positioned on the front and for even better illumination, Delta 4×4 has given it four PIAA LED spotlights on the front bumper. Now of course we can’t expect the Tesla Model Y to boast capabilities of a hard core 4×4 SUV, but it still appears to have plenty of additional off-road ability.

A recent software upgrade gave the Model Y Performance a Track Mode, which was previously offered only on the Model S Plaid and Model 3 Performance. It adds lots of features like creating custom settings for a variety of drivetrain variables, recording laps with the onboard cameras, and tracking telemetry on the track.

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