Florida’s Republican Governor Ron Dysntis has signed a bill for six weeks to ban abortion, paving the way for tremendous changes in access to procedures across the state.

Opponents argue that many women know that they are pregnant for more than six weeks.

This law will not be enforced unless the court orders a legal challenge to ban the current 15 weeks.

The governor said in a statement, “We are proud to support life and family in the Florida state.

He claimed that the law would “defend the dignity of human life and turn Florida into a family supporter”.

Southwest of the state has been a safe haven for abortion since the video – which gave women a constitutional right to abortion in the United States – was abolished last year.

The existing 15 weeks of abortion is the most comfortable in the southeast, with many other states going to Florida.

In cases of rape or indecency, abortion is banned for six weeks, as long as a woman can provide documents such as a police report or prevention order.

Mr. Deson signed the bill on Thursday night when representatives of the Florida Republican House of Representatives approved the ban on Thursday, which cast 70 votes and 40 votes. It was approved in the state Senate on April 3.

“The right to choose a woman, I have heard people talk about it,” Republican legislator Kian Michael said during the debate. “Well, you have the right to choose before your gender begins.”

Mr. Dysmins is to sign the bill immediately. Later, Florida’s planned Parnthr HS Alliance said that exemptions for rape or adultery will not provide “meaningful access to patients in need”.

The group argued that the bill would “close an important place for abortion for millions of people in the southeast, Caribbean and Central and South America”.

Another Florida Supreme Court decision is still permanent for a six-week new abortion law.

Florida’s highest court is hearing the current 15-week ban challenge through a clinic of abortion. The latest law signed by Mr. Dystesses contains the language, which states that the six-week ban will only be implemented when the Florida High Court has a 15-week law that already exists.

It is expected that Florida’s conservative Supreme Court will face tasks and the order to ban 15 weeks is constitutional.

Last week, a federal judge continued a national debate on abortion in the United States when a federal judge suspended the actual approval of Miphrap Stone.

The suspension was later blocked by the Appellate Court, and the Biden administration has said that it will ask the Supreme Court to restore full access to drugs.

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