In what was a rather car-centric press conference from Sony, the company finally shared footage and details from the upcoming “Gran Turismo” movie. The trailer is above, and if nothing else, it’s going to have some excellent shots of great race cars.

The trailer is a behind-the-scenes look at the film with some of the basic details of the plot. Rather than trying to tie a story to the gameplay of “Gran Turismo” video games, it’s based on the real-life story of Jann Mardenborough. Mardenborough is a professional racing driver who got his start winning a GT Academy series. The series was a competition for Gran Turismo players to move from virtual racing into the real thing, with the winner getting the opportunity to compete in professional races. Apparently the film will cover some of Mardenborough’s personal life, too, as the trailer mentions a love story.

But what the trailer focuses on mostly is the filming of the driving, and it looks excellent. Particularly neat are some of the shots that evoke the racing game, such as a third-person chase cam that should be familiar to just about anyone who has played any racing video game in the past 20 years. During Sony’s press conference, director Neil Blomkamp noted that other shots such as the bumper cam and cockpit cams will be featured. Some of the more traditional movie angles also look excellent, all featuring real race cars on real tracks. 

“Gran Turismo” will hit theaters on August 11, 2023. Mardenborough will be portrayed by Archie Madekwe, and the movie also stars Orlando Bloom. It will initially only be in theaters, not on streaming.

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