Max Verstappen recently signed a contract extension with Red Bull, which will see him in the team till the end of 2028. Verstappen joined Formula 1 in 2015 aged just 17 years, and this new deal will keep him in Formula 1 till he’s 30. Red Bull’s team principal earlier predicted that Verstappen won’t be “a Fernando Alonso”, in that he won’t continue racing in Formula 1 until he’s in his 40s. 

Speaking about his future in Formula 1 post-2028, Verstappen said, “It depends how competitive the car is in that last season as well, and maybe also it depends on the opportunities you have around Formula 1, or what you’re already doing outside of Formula 1 at the time, so at the moment it’s a bit difficult to imagine what’s going to happen past 2028.” When asked whether being recognised as the greatest driver in F1 history motivates him, Verstappen said, “No. I’m not interested in winning seven or eight titles. If you have the car to do so, then great. But even if it doesn’t [happen], I’m happy – I’m already happy, so it’s OK!”

“I do love racing but I also want to do other kinds of racing,” Verstappen added. As for where that might be, he said, “Endurance, eventually. Even if it’s not with my dad, we’ll see. I also have the passion of maybe setting up my own team and stuff, so there’s a lot of things I would like to do outside of just driving myself.”


While the future of racing for Max Verstappen may lie in endurance racing events like the 24 hours of Le Mans, currently, he’s aceing it at the top of the Formula 1 standings. Verstappen currently leads Sergio Perez by 15 points, as he mounts a challenge for his third world championship in a row.


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