Awoman’s story of giving birth to nine children merely by the age of 28 has left the internet intrigued. Identified to be Kora Duke, she first got pregnant at the age of 17 back in 2001 and since then for the entire next decade, she was expecting every year. Her last child was born in 2012. The woman, who is now 39, lives with her nine children and partner Andre Duke in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to a report by Newsweek, Kora and Andre have remained together for 23 years now. Kora revealed that she never planned to have nine children but believed that she was destined to become a mom.

Their firstborn namely Elijah is 21, followed by Sheena who is 20. Next in line is Zhaan (17), Cairo (15), Saiyah (14), Avi (13), Romani (12), and Tahj (10). Unfortunately, the family lost their daughter Yuna who was born in 2004. She passed away a week after her birth due to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Kora Duke and Andre Duke are high school sweethearts who met each other during theatre class. Though young, the duo claim their first pregnancy was planned as they were sure to have found the one they were meant to be with.

“Motherhood came naturally to me. With the help of my husband, we were able to overcome a lot of obstacles,” said Kora. It was in 2022 when the family became a viral sensation after Kora shared a clip of all her children alongside the year they were born. The post was seemingly captioned, “Years Not Pregnant, zero.” The clip ended up raking up more than six lakh views. Ever since their story went viral, social media users have bombarded the couple with multiple questions including asking Kora what it was like to be pregnant for almost a decade.

“I really did not pay attention to the time frame my total pregnancies were. I was young and was just pregnant a lot. It did take a toll on my body where I would get sick all the time,” said the mom. But with the attention also came trolling as the family would have to come across rude comments. Talking about the same, Kora stated, “People are very nosy. It’s human nature. I honestly do not even respond to the negativity.”

After the birth of Tahj, Kora Duke underwent tubal ligation surgery to sterilize herself as she does not want to have more children.

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